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Design may vary due to size and shape.

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Colors in this rug are for illustration purposes only and may not represent true rug colors. Design may vary due to size and shape.

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  Light Gold Red
  100% Wool
Persian Design
Main Color(s):
  Red and Burgundy
Gold and Yellow

Call: (360) 568-3202

2'0" x 3'0" $45.00
2'3" x 4'0" $69.00
3'6" Round $95.00
3'0" x 5'0" $115.00
2'3" x 8'0" Runner $137.00
2'3" x 10'0" Runner $171.00
4'0" x 6'0" $183.00
2'3" x 12'0" Runner $205.00
4'6" x 6'6" Oval $223.00
6'0" Round $272.00
5'0" x 8'0" $304.00
6'0" x 9'0" $410.00
8'0" Round $487.00
7'6" x 9'6" Oval $542.00
7'6" x 9'6" $542.00
8'3" x 11'0" $690.00
9'6" x 13'6" $975.00
Sizes are approximate.

Usually Ships Within 1-2 Weeks

FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States.
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A lot of things go into the making of luxurious, durable, plush hand-tufted carpets. In creating the Classic Collection, careful attention to each critical element - design, color, and workmanship - was painstakingly undertaken to meet Safavieh's award winning standards.

The Classic Collection’s color palette presents a range of subtle tones and muted shades: warm earth colors like mocha brown, mellow old gold, moss and apple green. Rusty red, deep blue, and cinnamon too! What makes these colors so appealing is their rustic feel and ease of use; they’re harmonious, and can easily be combined with colors having different hues.