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What is wool?

Wool is the standard of the industry. All the other fibers are compared to the wool. Wool is the most resilient fiber. Wool retains its original appereance better then any other fiber. When wool rugs are new, they tend to shed and fuzz. Wool rugs can fade and can be stained more easily than a synthetic. They are not always colorfast. Acid stains can loosen the dyes so the colors might run. Spots and spills require immediate attention, as they will be more difficult to remove the longer they sit. First blot them out with paper towel or a cotton towel. Just mix a drop or two of Joy, Palmolive, or whatever liquid soap that you use to do dishes with at the sink in a cup of cool water. Blot the spot with a wet sponge and the soap solution and then dry by blotting with a towel. When it is time for all over cleaning we recommend a professional rug cleaner for wool rugs.