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Round shaped rugs soften a square angular space. The foyer can become a dramatic entry to a home with the right round rug. The first thing that a friend or guest sees when they enter your home is the rug. Placing a round rug in the space shows that you have put much thought in the rug’s selection and placement. The round dining room table or kitchen lends itself to being placed upon a fabulous round rug. A round coffee table is well suited to a round rug. The rug frames the table and enhances the combination of the table and the rug. Use your imagination to dream up your own placement for that special round rug.

Some of the following rugs may not be shown in Round shapes, however they are available in Rounds.


Chandra Saket Jute SAK3701 Natural

Chandra Saket Jute SAK3702 Natural Bleach
Natural Bleach

Couristan Everest 0715Cario 4991 Midnight
0715 Cario
4991 Midnight

Couristan Everest 0766Hamptons 0601 Black Sage Multi
0766 Hamptons
0601 Black Sage Multi

Couristan Everest 0766Hamptons 4875 Camel
0766 Hamptons
4875 Camel

Couristan Everest 0766Hamptons 4981 Red
0766 Hamptons
4981 Red

Couristan Everest 0766Hamptons 4998 Multi
0766 Hamptons
4998 Multi

Couristan Everest 0766Hamptons 5860 Sahara Tan
0766 Hamptons
5860 Sahara Tan

Couristan Everest 0766Hamptons 6398 Sage
0766 Hamptons
6398 Sage

Couristan Everest 3760Ardebil 4872 Crimson
3760 Ardebil
4872 Crimson

Couristan Everest 3760Ardebil 6004 Ivory Red
3760 Ardebil
6004 Ivory Red

Couristan Everest 3773Tabriz 4874 Harvest Gold
3773 Tabriz
4874 Harvest Gold

Couristan Everest 3773Tabriz 4876 Midnight
3773 Tabriz
4876 Midnight

Couristan Everest 3791Isfahan 4872 Crimson
3791 Isfahan
4872 Crimson

Couristan Everest 3791Isfahan 6025 Black
3791 Isfahan
6025 Black

Couristan Outdoor Escape 2121BarnegatBay 5152 Sand
2121 Barnegat Bay
5152 Sand

Couristan Outdoor Escape 2123PacificHeights 8011 Ocean
2123 Pacific Heights
8011 Ocean

Couristan Outdoor Escape 2124CocoaBeach 7025 Sand
2124 Cocoa Beach
7025 Sand

Couristan Outdoor Escape 2128Sandals 1009 Sand Multi
2128 Sandals
1009 Sand Multi

Couristan Outdoor Escape 2133CoralDive 1015 Sand
2133 Coral Dive
1015 Sand

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