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Round shaped rugs soften a square angular space. The foyer can become a dramatic entry to a home with the right round rug. The first thing that a friend or guest sees when they enter your home is the rug. Placing a round rug in the space shows that you have put much thought in the rug’s selection and placement. The round dining room table or kitchen lends itself to being placed upon a fabulous round rug. A round coffee table is well suited to a round rug. The rug frames the table and enhances the combination of the table and the rug. Use your imagination to dream up your own placement for that special round rug.

Some of the following rugs may not be shown in Round shapes, however they are available in Rounds.


Chandra Saket Jute SAK3701 Natural

Chandra Saket Jute SAK3702 Natural Bleach
Natural Bleach

Couristan Beachfront 2383Orford 2183 Blue Multi
2383 Orford
2183 Blue Multi

Couristan Beachfront 2693Starfish 4000 Ivory Coral
2693 Starfish
4000 Ivory Coral

Couristan Beachfront 2724SeaGlass 2000 Cobalt Azure
2724 Sea Glass
2000 Cobalt Azure

Couristan Beachfront 2763PoppyField 3000 Ivory Azure
2763 Poppy Field
3000 Ivory Azure

Couristan Beachfront 2779NorthBend 2000 Multi
2779 North Bend
2000 Multi

Couristan Beachfront 2794CannonBeach 1000 Multi Ivory
2794 Cannon Beach
1000 Multi Ivory

Couristan Beachfront 2842OceanFloor 2000 Multi
2842 Ocean Floor
2000 Multi

Couristan Beachfront 2852GoldBeach 8252 Azure Navy Citrus
2852 Gold Beach
8252 Azure Navy Citrus

Couristan Beachfront 2855FlowerBlooms 1000 Multi Ivory
2855 Flower Blooms
1000 Multi Ivory

Couristan Beachfront 2897OceanPark 1000 Multi Ivory
2897 Ocean Park
1000 Multi Ivory

Couristan Beachfront 2908Waldport 2190 Navy Red Ivory
2908 Waldport
2190 Navy Red Ivory

Couristan Covington 2104SpringVista 1040 Neutrals Blue
2104 Spring Vista
1040 Neutrals Blue

Couristan Covington 2129TropicsGarden 1021 Sand Multi
2129 Tropics Garden
1021 Sand Multi

Couristan Covington 2166BocaRetreat 8066 Light Cocoa Fern
2166 Boca Retreat
8066 Light Cocoa Fern

Couristan Covington 2296SherbetStripe 3067 Multi
2296 Sherbet Stripe
3067 Multi

Couristan Covington 2297Hibiscus 3098 Rosebud Honey
2297 Hibiscus
3098 Rosebud Honey

Couristan Covington 2396Stella 0007 Chocolate Multi
2396 Stella
0007 Chocolate Multi

Couristan Covington 2397WillowBranch 0015 Sage Ivory
2397 Willow Branch
0015 Sage Ivory

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