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How do you select your rug?

  • A rug is a true work of art that will add a touch of elegance.
  • Area rugs can give a colorful presence to a roomful of furnishings. Your area rug can serve as a room's star or as an important supporting player. Whether you lay an area rug on top of a carpeted floor or one that has a hard surface like hardwood, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile, or stone you will surely see a beautiful transformation. The first thing that your friends will notice when they come to visit is the area rug on the floor of your entry. An area rug can change a boring space into an interesting and attractive setting. Placing a new area rug down will create an atmosphere that reflects your personal style and it will make a visual statement.
  • Your tastes could be contemporary, modern or traditional. Maybe you are into Southwest, Northwest, or tribal rugs or have you considered shags and textures? Do you appreciate quilts and country style? Some other styles are geometric, abstract, art deco, art nouveau, Persian, French, Chinese, and Turkish designs. All over floral patterns can bring springtime inside your home. Simple border designs are great for under a dining room table and chairs. Natural fibers like wool, jute, sisal, hemp, sea grass, and bamboo, even leather can add texture and warmth. Tone on tone rugs with subtle color variations are now back in fashion. Octagons, rounds, ovals, square, and long runners are some of the many shapes available.. 1001arearugs.com has a great selection. We have a rug for everyone.
  • Tying together your existing color scheme.
    Finding the right area rug isn't always easy, so if you find an area rug that you fall in love with, consider making it the first element that you choose for your room. Then make everything else fit around the area rugs' color and style. If you have already picked out your colors and fabrics, choose an area rug that pulls together the dominant color or the accent colors. Consider a border type area rug or a less busy design in a room full of busy fabric patterns. Color is really is a matter of personal taste. Pick your area rug first when you are starting fresh. It is easier to find fabrics, wallpapers, and paint that will go with your area rug than finding an area rug that will go with your fabrics, wall coverings and finishes.
  • Professional designers usually start with the area rug. One way to select your area rug for a furnished room is to find a color combination that will tie all of the colors together. Fabrics, wallpapers, draperies, wall color, and floor color and type are important considerations. Still another way is to pick one major existing contrasting color that will set off the others. And yet another possibility is to select the colors of a favorite flower, picture, or fabric? You can look through magazines that have rooms pictured and you will get some ideas of what can be done. It is relatively easy to copy a color combination that is in a magazine. Visiting a fabric store and finding a fabric that appeals to you is another way, then buy a piece of the fabric that makes you feel good and build your color scheme around it. To make the area rug the center of attention choose a area rug with bright colors or one with contrasting darker ones to the colors in the upholstery, in draperies, and on wall paper. The size of the pattern within the area rug can also be a factor. The shape is another important consideration. A round, oval, or octagon shaped area rug in a roomful of square furnishings can make a bold statement.
  • Defining furniture groupings.
    • One of the best uses of an area rug is to set one area apart from another.
    • An area rug has the ability to bring all the pieces of furniture together. Rug size is important. Placing furniture entirely on or off the rug is best, but sometimes due to rug size limitations furniture will be partly on and partly off the rug. The space that you want covered is more important than the size of the room.
    • Place four pieces of paper where you would like the corners of the rug to be and you will get a visual impression of the space to be covered. By measuring to the corners of the pieces of paper you will have obtained the approximate size of your rug. Consider that the rug you select may be available in a limited number of sizes and shapes.
    • The correct size for a dining room table and chairs can be found by getting up from the table on all sides and leaving the chairs out. Then measure the distance between the back legs of the opposite chairs, making sure to add a couple of inches so that the chairs will not fall off the edge of your rug.
  • Rug styles, textures, and designs and quality.
    • All the rugs we sell are good quality rugs. Rugs have no moving parts and last longer than most other home furnishings. The parts of a rug that might require repair, after 10 years in normal use, are the fringes or the edges and the majority of the rugs made today are made without fringed ends.
    • What you are purchasing is artwork that you can walk on. One type of design might only be available in a more expensive rare, antique, Persian Oriental hand knotted rug. However it is possible to get that expensive "look" in a somewhat less expensive hand tufted construction or even a good machine made rug. Buy the rug that you want to live with for a long time.
    • A rug will last at least 10 years and could last up to 40 years and even more in residential use. Rugs have never been a better deal! Solid colors in many different textures are available in plush, flat weave, twist cut and loop, looped, and shags.
    • All oriental rugs can be divided into three major designs, all over patterns without a central medallion, patterns with central medallions, and asymmetrical patterns. There are complex patterns and less busy designs, border designs, borderless all over patterns, and solid colored carved ones are available. Will it have flowers? Will it be traditional, contemporary, Country French, abstract, European, southwestern, lodge or tribal? Pretty much anything you can imagine.
  • 1001AreaRugs.com has the perfect rug for you, whether you are attracted to a modern contemporary design or a traditional European Persian or Oriental design.