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What is a good rug?

  • All the rugs we sell are good rugs. There are no bad rugs. Rugs have no moving parts. Most of them last longer than the people that buy them.The parts that might require repair, after 10 years in normal use, are the fringe or the edges.What you are paying for is a particular "look". A certain type might only be available in a more expensive hand knotted construction. However you might get that expensive "look" in a somewhat less expensive hand tufted construction or even a good machine made rug. Buy the rug that you want to look at for a long time. A cheap rug will probably last at least 10 years or more in residential use. Rugs have never been a better deal!

Color is number 1.

  • This really is a matter of personal taste.Pick your rug first when you are starting fresh. It is easier to find fabrics, wallpapers, and paint that will go with your rug than finding a carpet that will go with your fabrics, wall coverings and finishes. Professional designers usually start with the rug.One way to select your carpet for a furnished room is to find a color combination that will tie all of the colors together. Fabrics, wallpapers, draperies, wall color, and floor color and type are important considerations.Another way is to pick one major existing contrasting color that will set off the others. Another possibility is to select the colors of a favorite flower, picture, or fabric? Look through magazines that have rooms pictured and you will get some ideas of what can be done. It is relatively easy to copy a color combination.Visiting a fabric store and finding a fabric that appeals to you is another way, then buy a piece of the fabric that makes you feel good and build your color scheme around it.

Design is number 2.

  • All rugs can be divided into three major designs: all over patterns without a central medallion, patterns with central medallions, and asymmetrical patterns. Complicated patterns or less busy designs. Border types and solid colored carved ones.Will it have flowers? Will it be traditional, contemporary, Country French, abstract, southwestern, or tribal? Pretty much anything you can imagine.

Size is number 3.

  • The space that you want covered is more important than the size of the room. Measure the space with a tape measure. Place four pieces of paper where the corners will be and you get a visual impression of the area. Should the furniture be on the entire rug or all off the rug? This is a matter of opinion. There is no right or wrong answer. Sometimes the furniture is partly on and partly off. You may have to compromise because the rug you select may be available in a limited number of sizes and shapes.The correct size for a dining room table and chairs is found by getting up from the chairs on both ends and sides of the table leaving the chairs out. Then measuring a few inches past the spot where the back legs of the chairs are. The rug should be large enough so that the chairs back legs stay on the rug.

How can you know what are the actual colors?

  • We recommend that you order the rug in the smallest size available, then return the rug for a refund.
    This will allow you will see the colors with your own eyes. You will also be able to judge the quality.
    The only drawback to seeing the little rug is that you will not see the entire design. Only a small portion of the pattern will be shown.

Why won't you see the entire pattern?

  • The tightness of the weave does not change when the sizes change. When rugs are made in different sizes they are actually redesigned. The largest size shows the most detail. The smallest size shows the least detail.