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The Visions III collection is made using Liora Mann's patented Lamontage design process. These rugs are great for indoor outdoor use as well as anywhere in the house. They are hand made out of 100% polyester. Lamontage rugs by designer Liora Manne pack bold colors and sophisticated patterns into a highly durable design, suitable for intimate and high-traffic spaces alike, both inside and out. Lamontage's patented textile design process combines layers of acrylic fibers by needle punch, resulting in a soft yet strong felt-like floor covering. The LAMONTAGE process produces material of novel texture that resembles felt, yet is made with acrylic and/or polyester fibers – not wool. LAMONTAGE material’s high durability and versatility allows it to be used very effectively for a wide range of applications. These plush, solid, durable rugs are perfect for any space in the house; with their bright colors, stylish patterns, and comfortable cushion feel, these rugs are certain to please.

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Trans Ocean Visions III GiantSwirls 310203 Marina
Giant Swirls
310203 Marina

Trans Ocean Visions III GiantSwirls 310224 Fiesta
Giant Swirls
310224 Fiesta

Trans Ocean Visions III Wave 312604 Ocean
312604 Ocean

Trans Ocean Visions III Wave 312637 Pink
312637 Pink