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For those who appreciate a flair for the extraordinary, the Solace Collection offers an array of fashions ideal for interiors with an eclectic, individualized style. Face-to-face Wilton woven with 100% heat-set Courtron polypropylene, these plush, ultra-soft area rugs create a foundation of relaxed luxury.

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Couristan Solace 6285Canopy 0390 Brown Rust
6285 Canopy
0390 Brown Rust

Couristan Solace 6482GreatPlains 0831 Sand Rust
6482 Great Plains
0831 Sand Rust

Couristan Solace 6483AdobePatchwork 0537 Red Sand
6483 Adobe Patchwork
0537 Red Sand

Couristan Solace 6484Semiarid 0305 Sand Rust
6484 Semiarid
0305 Sand Rust

Couristan Solace 6484Semiarid 0375 Red Rust Sand
6484 Semiarid
0375 Red Rust Sand

Couristan Solace 6486Barren 0309 Multi
6486 Barren
0309 Multi